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Upcoming Events

The following is a tentative schedule of events.  Clients often request that we customize workshops and presentations on their behalf.  As a result timings, dates and even the subject matter may be changed upon short notice.  Should you wish to participate in any of our workshops or lectures please contact us by email or telephone to confirm the timings and dates for your preferred topic(s).  Private workshops are very popular for individuals and for small groups and we are willing to teach workshops on any day of the week upon request.



  • a two day class starts the first Saturday of each month

  • runs from 9AM to 4PM on both Saturday and Sunday 

Energy Medicine

  • one or two day class starts the second Saturday of each month

  • runs from 9AM to 4PM

Natural Health

  • one day class starts the second Sunday of each month

  • does not run if the Energy Medicine class goes for two days

  •  runs from 9AM to 4PM on the Sunday

  •  topics vary (see the services offered page for a list of potential topics)

Combination Workshop

Meditation & Energy Medicine

  • one day class starts the third Saturday of each month

  •  runs from 9AM to 4PM

Lecture Series

The Wednesday night lecture series runs the second and fourth Wednesday evening of each month from 7:30PM to 9:30PM.  Topics are always based on natural health and include (among others):

Brain Gym

Meditation Made Easy

Diet For Blood Type

Improving Your Eyesight

Stop Smoking

Weight Loss

Consultations & Appointments 

Private or group consultations / appointments are available.  Bookings may be made for any time during the morning, afternoon, or evening any day of the week including weekends.


Energy Medicine

Meditative Touch


Energy Readings

Natural Health Care

Medical Intuition

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