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Lodgings & Meals


Our work here at The Ranch Retreat is about being in flow, about being in harmony and balance both within (ourselves) and without.   The land is pristine and tranquil; flora and fauna abound.  We have three ecologically friendly cabins which are fully winterized and have hydro. The cabins can accommodate from one to three people comfortably and are intended for use as sleeping cabins and as a quiet place for reflection. All three cabins are supplied with bedding / linen.  The washroom is located in the main building approximately 80 feet away.  Overnight guests are entitled to free use of the infrared sauna during their stay.



Meals are based on Diet for Blood Type and will include fare from our vegetable and herb gardens and our orchards (when available).

Participants who are registered for a cooking workshop (cooking for blood type, cooking with herbs etc.) with Judi will have the benefit and fun of preparing and eating all of their meals on site at The Ranch Retreat.

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