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Margaret Davis, BSc, CD
Owner / Operator
Meditation Teaching Master
Meditative Touch Master
Natural Health Practitioner
Naturopathic Practitioner

Meditation has given me a source of internal strength on which I can absolutely rely.  Doubt and indecision have faded into the past and I now make clear and effective decisions with ease and confidence.  More significantly meditation has taught me how to relax, how to release the stress and the tightness (from my body) that has plagued me for so many years.


Before I started to meditate I was a person controlled by habits and patterns.  I moved, talked, and thought with robot like precision.  Everything I did was mechanical and predictable.  There was no room for flexibility, for change, or for personal growth in my life.  There was no room for intuition or for creativity.  I was locked into a rigid lifestyle that I was determined to make work - even if it meant putting a square peg into a round hole.  And it all reflected in the tension and the rigidity that characterized my body.


Then I met my meditation teacher.  She reached out and embraced my heart and for the first time in my life I felt love in its purest form!  She taught me how to live in my heart instead of my head; to be guided by the Inner Truth offered me by my feeling body rather than by the emotions, patterns, and habits that controlled my thoughts.  I learned about unconditional love and to honour and to take responsibility for myself.  In the process I became free.  And just as I softened up on the inside so too did I soften up on the outside; my physical body became flexible and relaxed


Meditation is a wonderful journey of sharing and growing with others.  In order to devote myself fully to this journey I took an early retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces.  I was blessed to spend the last three years of my military career on "loan" to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Canada) where I worked with the Canadian Embassies located in other countries.  I traveled extensively to other continents including Europe, Asia, and South America and spent considerable time in the Middle East, Egypt, India and Pakistan.  In the process I developed a love for international cultures, customs and travel.


Meditation is both a journey and a way of life.  It is my life.  A life to which I am totally committed.  A life which I am willing to share.


Judi Jhannel Walden, BAA (Social Work)
Executive Manager
Energy Therapist / Medical Intuitive

I was born an identical twin.  I could always “mind talk” with my sister.  I remember communicating with her in-utero and also speaking to her in a language that was not English before walking age.  I believe that we are all born telepathic but lose a lot of this skill because we do not use it on daily basis i.e. if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Our natural ability does surface occasionally; however, under special circumstances.

Instead of atrophying, my ability has grown stronger with age.  I am highly feeling sensitive.  What you feel – I feel… whether those feelings are on the surface or are deeply buried, whether they run along your genetic (family) line or whether they are connected to other people, places or situations.  What I can feel, I can see from an inner vision (third eye) point of view… another skill we all have that often gets buried from lack of use.  Highly successful people are highly intuitive and use these skills daily.

How can we fix what we can’t feel?  We block off our feelings, our intuition, our creative energy, our connection to our genetic support … because we often don’t know what to do with them.  Unfortunately, we are not taught feeling (emotional) or energy literacy.  We need to fix our inability to feel.

I have, in the last 5 years, combined my social work training with my personal experience and professional training in holistic health care modalities with my energy sensitivity to develop a new and unique healing modality.  I describe this modality as an energy medicine method that allows one to go into the cellular memory to access information, travel along the energy lines that connect with the client’s goals, change the situation and thus resolve the energetic issue at hand.  Subsequently the client’s belief structure, behaviour patterns and genetic conditioning also improved.

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