The Ranch Retreat is "on hold"
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Please note that The Ranch Retreat is not offering accommodation and meal services at this time; however, Judi (Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine Specialist) is continuing to provide holistic health services independently of The Ranch Retreat. Services such as Counselling, Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine, Touch for Health, Aroma-Touch, Ear Candling etc. can all be booked by calling Judi at (613) 273-7507 or by email at Information about Judi and descriptions of the services she offers can be found on this web site on the Instructors page and the Services page respectively.

Margaret, following the advice she so often gives others, will be focusing on her own personal and spiritual growth for the next while. Qualified as a Meditation Teaching Master and as a Touch Master she has recently completed certification as both a Natural Health Practitioner and as a Naturopathic Practitioner. By late this summer (2013) she will be certified as a Bio Energetics Practitioner and she will then follow that up with certification as a Homeopathic Practitioner.

Margaret will continue to update The Ranch Retreat Facebook page with all of the “happenings” here at The Ranch Retreat - the animals in particular are always up to  “something interesting” that makes for fun reading.

For all of our former guests, and for those who hope to work with us in the future, please stay in touch. If you are in the area feel free to drop in and say hi. The Ranch Retreat sign at the end of the driveway will remain right where it is to welcome you to this wonderful place - Margaret’s home and personal retreat.

...where Margaret will keep you posted on "happenings" at The Ranch Retreat.

The Ranch Retreat is set in a scenic and tranquil 65 acres of gently rolling land in the Canadian Shield.  Rock outcrops abound in the 30 acres of meadows while trails meander through the 35 acres of forest leading to a landlocked lake.  Wildlife such as loons, beaver, coyotes and fox are abundant; trails pass by the herb garden and by the beaver and duck ponds.

A new addition to the turn of the century home and barns includes a dedicated energy work area.  The Meditation Hall is available for Living Meditation classes and for other workshops and presentations.  The Treatment Room provides a private setting for Energy Medicine, Medical Intuition, and Meditative Touch sessions.

Specialising in both appointments and custom designed spiritual and healing intensives, as well as custom retreats for individuals and small groups, we do welcome larger groups on a daily basis.  Three cozy fully winterized bed / sitting cabins (with hydro) are available for overnight use for retreats.

The Ranch Retreat is an ideal setting for those who seek healing as well as for those who wish a quiet get-away in which to relax or to indulge in photography, drawing, painting, reading, writing, walking / cross country skiing, and observing / becoming one with nature.

Please see our Testimonials page to see what some visitors have had to say about their experiences at The Ranch Retreat.

Our Philosophy

We all:

  • have the right to be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy;
  • have the right to choose how to live our lives;
  • need to take responsibility for those choices that we do make;
  • can heal ourselves by looking at, and addressing, the reasons behind the choices we have made.

R.R. 1, Westport, Ontario
613-273-7507 phone / fax

Margaret Davis, BSc, CD
Owner / Operator
Meditation Teaching Master
Meditative Touch Master
Natural Health Practitioner
Naturopathic Practitioner

Judi Jhannel Walden, BAA (Social Work)
Executive Manager
Energy Therapist / Medical Intuitive

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