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The Facility

The energy work area faces north west and boasts great views of the land and of magnificent sun sets.


Turn of the century barns house the Scottish Highlander cattle, horses, donkeys, workshop, and storage areas.

Enjoy the rolling meadows of the Canadian Shield.  Don't be surprised if one of our self propelled lawnmowers ambles by.

The old corn silo sports its very own tree.

The 35 acres of mature forest can be enjoyed from the numerous trails that meander through it. 

The deep tranquil lake is home to loons and other wildlife. Landlocked, only a few landowners have access to it.

The Meditation Hall offers a serene and tranquil setting for workshops. The large windows allow for plentiful soft light, fresh air and beautiful views.

Walking trails meander through the meadows to the lake.

... and enjoy one of our walking lawnmowers - Mimi.

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