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A Dream Come True

Published in "Ottawa Carleton This Month"
19 May 1999 
Prepared by:
Margaret Davis, Meditation Master

"Years ago I was searching relentlessly to satisfy an inner yearning. But a yearning for what? At the time I couldn't put words to it... "


 An Enriching Experience


There are two versions of the article ďAn Enriching Experience" on this web site.

The first is the article as published by the Department of National Defence in the "Defence 2000 News"  of June 2000.  I commend, and am grateful to both the editors and the Department of National Defence for their efforts and their willingness to broach the subject of meditation in their nationally published Bulletin.

As published in Defence 2000 Bulletin
by Maj Margaret Davis

"Meditation is for people and it is people who make the military work.  I am a member of the CF and I also meditate..."

  The second version of the article posted here is one of my drafts.  The article published by the military was heavily edited and the full page cover photograph used, although eye catching, does not accurately portray the sitting posture used in meditation classes that I teach.  It is important that readers see the complete article for the information contained in it is important and can be applied to all individuals and organizations alike.

Margaret's Draft of the Article

"An article on meditation may seem out of place in the Maple Leaf, but then again, what better place is there for such a discussion than..."

Outer Beauty Reflects Inner Health

As printed in Tone Magazine
October 2004, Volume 20 Number 2.
by Judi Jhannel Walden, B.A.A.

   "Consumer consciousness is changing.  What shoppers found acceptable in beauty products ten years ago is no longer acceptable today.  How an individual presents him or herself publicly..."

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